Dear CamBike enthusiasts,

The CamBike team members have been enjoying their (well-deserved) holiday and of course combined it with some data collection. Read on to also learn more about the first major distribution event!


The first batch of CamBike sensors in wooden boxes has hit the road! The sensors were given out to interested members of the public and the first data have already been collected! Here ( you can watch a video about the distribution event!

The new design: PDB and wood - no more loose connections, waterproof, not airtight, good-looking.

Insights into the sensor hub and first data (scaled).

Greetings from the Alps

A part of the team spent their holidays in the Alps, enjoying the good air and wonderful hikes. Of course, a CamBike sensor was brought along. Here is some data and a truly wonderful picture of the landscape.

Data collection can be so much fun, especially in a landscape like this.

What’s next? For now, stilll holiday season…

The team is still scattered amongst Europe but will come back to you with the next newsletter in two weeks. Don’t worry, there will be air quality data from more countries to make up for it! There will also be another distribution event on the 17th of September and if you registered on our (waiting) list, we will send you an email closer to the time with more information. The whole team will be back in Cambridge on the 24th of September. But if you have any questions or problems with the sensors, don't hesitate to contact us!

Until next time,

The CamBike Sensor Team

P.S. If you know anyone who might also like to stay tuned, let them know to just drop us an email!