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Another week has flown by, in which the CamBike Team has kept busy both by experimenting with some cool prototypes and by looking towards the future. The students have submitted proposals for the research they wish to undertake during their three-year PhD, with subjects ranging from single proteins to whole solar systems. Meanwhile, work has continued to get a set of prototypes ready for data collection, and more!

Digital cyclists: setting up data analysis

To test our data analysis routines, we were working with simulated data - no need for us to cycle around extensively in this heat! We generated simulated data along actual cycle paths in the city to approximate the sparsity of real acquired data. The air pollution intensity at any location was modelled as Gaussian distributed noise weighted by proximity to big intersections in the city. By regression of the data from 50 simulated tracks, the air pollution in the whole city can be estimated.

The ’Black Pillt’: testing microcontrollers

We would like to introduce you to the Black Pill! It sounds nice, doesnt’t it? Itt’s the board we are going to use to control all the sensors we have in our prototype. For those who are familiar with Arduino, it is a similar microcontroller, but faster, cheaper, with more memory and more communication abilities (we need a lot to communicate with all our sensors and control them!). If you are not familiar with microcontrollers, you can think of the Black Pill as a very small and simple computer with inputs and outputs that you can programme to control whatever you like!

All the computer you need...

As seen on TV: CamBike in the local news

CamBike sensor featured on local TV station That’s Cambridge this week. The news item can be found on YouTube, have a look to see some shots of a range of prototypes in action!

Making the Makeathon happen: now online!

Our CamBike Makeathon now has its very own online presence: check out for more information on the goal of the Makeathon, and how to sign up (it’s free, fun and we will provide lots of food)!

What’s next?

This week, the team is building ten LoRaWAN-equipped sensor hubs, and then itt’s time for the first large-scale data collection! After this test run, we will be distributing the sensors, so stay tuned…

The story continues...

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