Happy new year,

Dear CamBike enthusiast, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and enjoyed time with the family. We certainly had a very productive and eventful break, more about that further down.

News about funding and the future

We are happy to announce once again that we were awarded the Global Challenges Research Fund ( to set up a collaboration with the University of Nairobi, Kenya. We will work closely with university students to co-create a sensor hub adapted to local needs. In the next 7 months, we will travel to Kenya to better develop a reliable sensor and establish a network. We will keep you updated!
This means we have enough resources to keep the project going! We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the project - be it as a volunteer or just by offering advice. This would not have been possible without you. Now that our PhD’s are picking up pace (and we all have found the coffee machine), we are increasingly busy with lab work. We will, however, work as much as we can on the new version of the sensor hub, including some very cool gas sensors from Alphasense. At the current stage, it doesn’t look like we are going to build more of the “Version 1.0” sensors.
Please note that the waiting list remains in place and when already used sensors become available, we will of course let you know. And maybe you will be one of the first to try our the next generation sensors!

A network in Argentina

We are collaborating with the Canada UK Postcotoral Fellows and the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina to build a network of CamBike sensors in Buenos Aires! The sensors will be built by students of the University of Buenos Aires in a series of workshops. A very exciting project and more information will follow!

Sensors in Scotland

Highland Cycle Campaign (, a voluntary organisation, committed amongst others to cutting pollution and securing healthy transport for all, approached us a while ago. Now we sent them five sensors of the latest generation, meaning the slightly larger hubs incorporate a battery-status LED! It took us a while to figure out the new box design and of course all sensors underwent extensive indoor and outdoor testing to make sure that they are fully functional.
We are already looking forward to the data that will be collected in the Scottish Highlands, in particular in the Inverness area!

A name for the future

As we are increasingly working not only in Cambridge (and not only on bikes, although they are still a very important and ecological means of transport), we have begun looking for another name for our sensors. We would like to ask you for help - if you can think of a name that reminds you of pollution monitoring, a dynamic, wireless network, air, Cambridge, and the future - just let us know. You can email it to us (, tweet it (@CambikeSensor), or post it on our Facebook page (! We are looking forward to a lot of wonderful suggestions!

What’s next?

The first opportunity to try out the CO2 sensor that will be incorporated in the hub will be at our workshop at the Centre for Computing History in Februrary - booking will open soon!

Until next time,

The CamBike Sensor Team

P.S. If you know anyone who might also like to stay tuned, let them know to just drop us an email!