Dear CamBike enthusiasts,

This week's highlights include us visiting alphasense (, finishing the grant application and more research into citizen science (air quality) projects.

A visit to Alphasense

The team visited Alphasense and we were very happy to see their state of the art facilities in Braintree, Essex. We started our tour at the manufacturing line, where employees assemble the sensors layer by layer manually. Next, we visited the fully automated fabrication line where sensor cases are built and this was followed by the final testing facilities, where each sensor is checked on its functionality before deployment. Finally, we met the company’s experts of particulate matter sensing, who introduced us to the latest Alphasense prototypes and the calibration instruments used to make the readings as precise as possible. We got a very good overview of the latest trends in sensing air pollutants and came away with lots of new ideas for a new version of the sensor.

The entrance to Alphasense (please note the nice autumnal plants).


We are almost there. Now it’s only a matter of testing (and that’s tedious). The devices are built and ready to go in their boxes, but we don’t want to give out malfunctioning sensors, so please bear with us.

What’s next?

Again, the database. It works perfectly most times - except when you use special characters in usernames or try to do other things that we have not thought about yet. But we will do some more testing and will hopefully catch all exceptions. Once we are satisfied, you will have the opportunity to create your own password and username, which will allow you to upload and plot the data in your folder and will (soon) give you access to the accumulated and averaged data of others. Apart from this, we will finish testing the sensors so that we can give more volunteers the opportunity to try out the sensor hub. We will also start working on at least one new version that incorporates different gas sensors - and the newsletter will become more technical again.

Until next time,

The CamBike Sensor Team

P.S. If you know anyone who might also like to stay tuned, let them know to just drop us an email!