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Dear CamBike enthusiasts,

To all our new subscribers, a very warm welcome to the weekly CamBike Sensor newsletter! Read on to get some exciting insights and updates into the project’s progress.

Getting a prototype on the road
We’ve now constructed a prototype sensor hub ready for testing, with lots of different sensors already incorporated:

CamBike Sensor: the network experiment
Last Friday, the team got on their bikes to test the first bunch of prototypes’ performance and the availability of GPS and SigFox across the wider Cambridge area. We strategically chose routes across different postcode areas to measure the reliability of our system. The decision between Sigfox and LoRa as the tracker's wireless transmission technology of choice will be made by next week - stay tuned.

Towards new features
We’ve also started testing sensors that quantify the levels of certain air pollutants, including particulate matter. Our first prototypes may look very home-made, but they get their job done! Here is a tentative CamBike Sensor inside a functional cardboard case with air inlets.

After a one-hour cycle around Cambridge on Friday night, it successfully delivered our first air quality data collected on a moving bike. First results show: you may want to avoid the Mill road junction while cycling.

In the lab, we’ve been testing a system that will allow you to harvest power while you ride — so you don't need to take the sensor hub off your bike for it to be charged. We’re currently looking at dynamo/induction-based methods and solar panels. We’re also working to ensure this system will be mountable onto any existing bike.

Lorena with a power harvesting wheel!

CamBike Sensor in the media
Two team members joined local radio host Tim Willett from Cambridge 105 Radio to discuss the project and its goal of reaching Cambridge citizens. You can find a recording of the interview here.

What’s next?
In the coming week, the team will be busy calibrating our pollution sensors and having discussions with keen members of the Makespace to discuss the organisation of different workshops and hackathons on their premises.
Excitingly, several team members will be attending the Fab city conference on smart city infrastructure next week in Paris, and even giving a talk about the project. Peter, one of our hardware engineers, will be cycling there from Cambridge: follow his journey on our website!

The CamBike Sensor Team

P.S. If you know anyone who might also like to stay tuned, let them know to just drop us an email!